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    The world’s most powerful hotel channel manager

    Watch a Demo to see just how the Channel Manager can help your property

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    Booking.com channel manager
    Expedia Channel Manager
    Connect your hotel to TripAdvisor
    Connect your hotel to Ctrip
    Connect your hotel to Airbnb
    Hotel tonight

    Connect to more hotel distribution channels in less time with pooled inventory

    Automate the continuous exchange of rates, availability and reservations between your PMS and selected channels

    Save time with channel management software

    Eliminate time spent manually updating each of your channel extranets

    The Channel Manager by SiteMinder gives you incomparable reach and visibility online. It’s why more than 105m bookings pass through every year to provide over USD35b million in hotel revenue. Every booking is:

    Made by guests using one of the 400+ distribution channels we connect to.

    Sent instantly to one of the 300+ leading property management systems (PMSs) used by our hotel customers, to avoid the costs and embarrassment of overbookings.

    Lower your costs and increase hotel revenue

    Advertise on as many hotel sales channels you like for no extra cost

    List all your rooms and have availability updated on all your channels – at the same time – thanks to our pooled inventory model

    Maximise your occupancy while keeping commissions low and making sure you’re never overbooked, using our stop sell tool

    Channel manager hotel

    Have full control over your hotel room sales

    Hotel online distribution channel management

    Showcase your best photos and rooms information on channels, to attract more guests and increase your conversions

    Sell in multiple currencies on channels to localise your hotel property

    Set the minimum number of days a booking can be made, or a discounted rate can be selected, prior to your guests’ arrival

    Enhance your hotel distribution strategy with more informed decisions

    Dashboard view

    See the status of all your channels through a single dashboard

    Channel performance reports

    Produce detailed reports to understand the yield and performance of your channels, and to identify booking trends

    Reservation reports

    Run summary reports on your guest reservations and check-ins

    Parity rate channel manager
    • “SiteMinder has enabled our property to update room inventory and rates for all channels simultaneously, through its pooled inventory feature. This has increased our revenue. ”

      Anette, Dream Hotel

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